All Are Welcome                No RSVP Required                  Free to All

Everyone should have someone to give thanks with on Thanksgiving!

Once again, a grassroots group of individuals will host a free community Thanksgiving Dinner at High Places Community Church/Grove Theater on Thanksgiving Day.  Dinner will be served via inside seating from 11:00-1:00 pm  at 123 Randolph Road, Oak Ridge, TN.

Food will be prepared internally and thus, no outside food donations will be accepted. As such, we will rely more heavily on financial donations. You can Donate Money Here

People wanting to volunteer can text 865.384.5683, email or send a message via

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Delivery Options:

Organizers of this event will not be making deliveries. However, individuals who are aware of specific needs in our community and are willing to deliver meals using their own transportation are welcome to come by during the dinner and pick up carry out meals.